Why Sri Mayapur International School?

"Our Krsna consciousness movement is not depriving people of their education. We say, 'Go on with your university education, but side by side become competent to know God and to love Him. Then your life is perfect.' ”

Srila Prabhupada conversation, July 1973, London.

Vaishnava Culture

Vaishnava culture helps one from the begining understand what is God, how great He is, how we are related with God, and how we have to live.

Academic Excellence

Cambridge International Examination (CIE) program gives the student opportunities and qualification to enter universities around the world.

Devotee Association

By associating with a devotee, one awakens his faith in devotional service to Krishna and one's dormant love for Kṛṣṇa awakens

Art of Musical Instruments

Our students also learn how to chant very nicely Hare Krishna mantra and Vaishnava bhajans accompanied with musical instruments and mridanga.

Sri Mayapur International School

How much time you have to apply for academic year 2021/22?

25th July 2021 is the last day for new admissions

Sri Mayapur Dham Ki-Jay

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